10 Fun and Random Things About Me

1. My wife and I love hosting, especially having friends over for dinner. (For me, one of the definitions of living an abundant life is having leisurely meals with friends.)

Mud PieArtist and Gracious HostessTable Setting

2. I enjoy building things, from home construction to tree-forts to picture framing. My dad was a carpenter and taught me most everything I know.

3. I love exploring and driving on roads that I’ve never been on before.

4. We have a dog named “Jack”. She (yes, Jack is a girl) is ridiculously smart and knows tons of tricks. Thanks to my kids, Jack is possibly the most photographed dog ever. (By the way, I do paintings of pets too!)

Cool JackJack Extreme Close-upJack with Scarf

5. My great (x8) grandfather Henry McElhaney immigrated from Ireland to the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia in 1708.

6. My favorite artists of the past are John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla and Anders Zorn.


7. My favorite contemporary artists are Jennifer McChristian, Scott Christensen, Terry Miura, Drew Struzan, James Gurney… Actually, there are a lot more amazing artists that inspire me. Check out my Pin Board of Art I Love on Pinterest.

8. I went to Cold Spring School K – 6th grade. 35 years later, I’m still in touch with most of my classmates on Facebook. (How cool is that!)

9. I went to school with Brent Geiberger, Clare Carey and Cynthia Ireland.

10. Once served Gene Hackman when I was a waiter at the Harbor Restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA.

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