Greeting Card Set

Set of 5 greeting cards - Original paintings by Brennen McElhaney

I am delighted to offer a set of 5 greeting cards that feature my landscape paintings.

This set of greeting cards developed organically from promoting my artwork. I produced one card, “Green Fields”, for a campaign to introduce my artwork to major donors of the Asheville Art Museum - . And while postcards are nice (and more cost effective), they don’t have the same class as a greeting card — especially a hand written card in a hand addressed envelope.

My production schedule was accelerated by a friend of mine, Trent Adams, who enthusiastically ordered several hundred to send to clients as birthday cards. (Trent works as a financial advisor in Orange County. – )

I must give special thanks to Alyson Stanfiled and other Facebook friends and fans that offered their encouragement and input for selecting images. Also, thanks to PSPrint – – for handling the printing and production.

The set of 5 cards are available for purchase on my website.

5 Responses to Greeting Card Set

  1. Brennen: Great choices! I love the top center for the fall season, but I really love the upper right one because of the high, clear contrast and the strong diagonal line. Makes a big impact.
    Your price is great! You can’t find $2 cards anywhere anymore. I hope people take advantage and stock up.

  2. Brennen, your artwork on the cards is fantastic! What a wonderful, supportive friend you have, too!

    I wanted to thank you for answering my question on Alyson’s Facebook post about the cards and PSPrints. I really appreciate your input.

    • Lana: Thank you for your note! A tad bit more info on PSPrint – They run a 60% off sale on greeting cards every couple months. I would advise taking advantage of that! Also, I’d recommend ordering at least 250 which is the minimum quantity for offset print cards. Wishing you much success!

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    Enjoy your day

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