Artists periodically need to be reminded, (or remind themselves) that risks, exploration, and innovation are part of the artistic process. Conversely, staying with a safe tried-and-true formula kills creativity and produces something that’s not really art (sorry T. Kinkade.)

In this spirit, I submit to you, my Artistic License.

Artistic Licensen.  the freedom to create an artwork, musical work, or piece of writing based on the artist’s interpretation and mainly for effect; also called poetic or creative license.

The back of my Artistic License reads:

“The bearer of this license is hereby authorized, at his sole discretion, to tweak, bend, alter, modify, exaggerate, reinterpret, experiment with, employ, (or not employ) and/or disregard the generally accepted rules, methods, conventions and paradigms of art creation, without hindrance or impediment.”

So where in the world does one GET and artistic license?? Think about it. No one is going to issue one to you. You have to make it yourself. You have to give yourself permission to break the rules.

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