A business card is a handy little thing. But for a visual artist, it presents a unique opportunity – and challenge: How do I design a card that gives a representational sample of my artwork without compromising clear communication of basic contact information?

I think that I’ve finally landed on a solution.

Business Card - Mini Portfolio

Business Card - Mini Portfolio

Having a mini-portfolio of images on the back of the card gives a taste of my artwork without competing with the clean and graphic text based design on the front. Each image is cropped to show half (or less) of the original painting. This allows for uniformity but also sends the message that ‘this isn’t the whole story; there’s more to see.’ The images have been artfully arranged with consideration of color and design. My signature is both a nice graphic element, and adds credibility of authorship.

The design of my business card fits the branding of my website, and collateral material (post cards etc.) – clean, straight-forward, lots of white space.

(By the way, if you’d like to receive invitations to art shows etc. in the mail, please email your name and mailing address to me at gallery1@mac.com. If you’d like to receive notifications by email, sign up for my email newsletter here.)

Comments / questions welcome.

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