Artistic License

Artists periodically need to be reminded, (or remind themselves) that risks, exploration, and innovation are part of the artistic process. Conversely, staying with a safe tried-and-true formula kills creativity and produces something that's not really art (sorry T. Kinkade.) In this spirit, I submit to you, my Artistic License. Artistic License – n.  the freedom to create an artwork, musical work, or piece of writing based on the artist's interpretation and mainly for effect; also called poetic or creative license. The back of my Artistic License reads: “The bearer of this license is…Read more

Art Gallery Prospecting Package

For your consideration: A more efficient alternative to sending your portfolio to prospective galleries. - More bang for your buck. When you’re seeking representation for your art, I recommend sending a letter of introduction with a rack card (9 x 4 in. postcard) and a business card, instead of sending a “complete” portfolio package to every single prospective gallery. This is not a “shot-gun” approach, there’s still a lot of research and effort required, but this method will allow you to send out many more prospecting packages with less cost and effort than sending…Read more

A Practically Perfect Portfolio

As an artist, your portfolio is one of your most essential marketing tools. Everything in an artist's presentation, including your portfolio, should show off your work. For your consideration, here is my "blueprint" for a very professional, inexpensive, and extremely flexible book. I hope you find these suggestions useful.   The ITOYA I-Series Art Profolio 12 page (24 view) is my first choice. ($4.50 plus shipping. Dick Blick Art Supplies) Do not make the mistake of getting a 24 page (48 view) portfolio. That's just a few too many images for most folks…Read more

Artist’s Business Cards – Mini Portfolio

A business card is a handy little thing. But for a visual artist, it presents a unique opportunity - and challenge: How do I design a card that gives a representational sample of my artwork without compromising clear communication of basic contact information? I think that I’ve finally landed on a solution. Having a mini-portfolio of images on the back of the card gives a taste of my artwork without competing with the clean and graphic text based design on the front. Each image is cropped to show half (or less) of the…Read more