On location at one of Asheville’s most scenic gardens

footbridge Botanical Gardens Asheville

Painting en plein air with an outdoor painting club.

Spring is at its peak and outdoor painting season is here. On one Saturday in May, a group of artists from the WNC Plein Air Painters, set up their easels at the Botanical Gardens at Asheville to capture the lush scenery.

WNCPAP – Artists and Colleagues

Even though painting is essentially a solo endeavor, there is something wonderful about the camaraderie of painting with (or near) fellow artists. It’s also fun to see what everyone else has painted and how each artist has resolved the challenge of dealing with the same subject.


From the Sketchbook

I enjoyed doing a handful of pen-and-ink sketches while at the Botanical Gardens. The medium seem to lend itself to a closer view of the plants.


Poison ivy grows everywhere in Western North Carolina. The Botanical Gardens are no exception. Nevertheless I find the plant itself quite beautiful.

My Finished Painting

Here is the result of my efforts of the day, presented for your viewing pleasure.


Fifty Shades of Green – Acrylic on Board, 14 x 11 in. Framed

One of the challenges of painting at the Botanical Gardens (and many locations in and around Western North Carolina) is that the abundant trees and foliage block, or at least limit, the long-range views. So, I chose to focus on the variety of verdant colors.

The Botanical Gardens Asheville

The Botanical Gardens Asheville is home to over 600 species of plants that are native to the Southern Appalachians. These include many species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, vines, and grasses. Habitats vary from the sunny and dry to the shaded and wet (two creeks join in the Gardens) allowing many ideal environments for a wide variety of plants.

Within the Garden’s ten acres, a walking trail forms a half-mile loop. The Botanical Gardens at Asheville provides a beautiful settings for educational programs, weddings, memorials, picnics, and classes such as photography, painting, or plant identification.

Tree Botanical Gardens Ashevilleeasel setup at Botanical Gardens Asheville
Creek Botanical Gardens AshevilleBridge Botanical Gardens Asheville

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