During the holidays I built a 4 inch wide shelf that runs the length of one wall in my painting studio — and I love it! It looks good and it just works!

I tend to work in batches — that is to say, I have several paintings going – at various stages of development – at any given time. The shelf allows me to conveniently display the works-in-progress, and then exchange the painting on my easel to work on for a while.

Here you can see my studio with several unfinished canvases on the new shelf.

What systems do you use to streamline your studio and help keep yourself productive?

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  1. dan Reply

    i built a shelf like yours, out of preprimed molding from home depot, and screwed about 100 tiny hooks on the bottom edge, hanging straight down, and then used fishing line to hang stuff from the hooks. I hung my shelf just above eye level so more room to hang stuff below.

    i have my first show, at a coffee shop, in april. nervous.

    • BMcElhaney Reply

      Dan — Thanks so much for sharing your solution for hanging stuff. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into building your system and the result suits your needs well. Wishing you the best of luck with your art show in April. I hope it’s a fabulous success. — Brennen

  2. Cynthia S. Reply

    Yes!! I’ve been trying to explain to my husband that I want a narrow shelf in my art-room. I showed him your photo and now he ‘gets it!’
    Thank you!

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