Euel Eugene “Gene” McElhaney
January 8, 1941 – Dec 26, 2014

My dad died the day after Christmas 2014. He was one of the best men I have ever known.

A portrait of my father

Last week, without much forethought, I started a portrait of my dad. Somehow, it seems very appropriate to honor him in this way.

There were times while working on this painting that I felt especially sad and present with a deep sense of loss.

Portrait of my dad - in progress

Portrait of my dad – unfinished (in progress)

Over New Years my family and I were in California for the funeral and to be with family.

At the funeral I gave a eulogy, which, as I said, “was easy and natural for me to honor my dad in this way because I’ve been bragging about him for my whole life.”

My dad was a man of integrity and a man of faith. He and my mom were married for 53 years. He adored my mom and was obviously affectionate with her. I am blessed to have parents that cared so much for one another, and that cared so much me and my sisters.

My son Ryan showing my dad how to solve a Rubic's Cube

My son Ryan showing my dad how to solve a Rubic’s Cube

People grieve in different ways

I miss my dad. A lot. But I don’t have any regrets. He loved me, and respected me as a man. He was proud of me and he didn’t withhold his love. I loved him, and he knew it.

Even so, I never really broke down and cried during my stay in California. Maybe I was being strong for my mom. Maybe I was keeping myself busy with making arrangements.

I know that people grieve in different ways.


My Mom and Dad at the Biltmore House – May 2013

I hope to finish this portrait soon.

After it’s done I’ll include a picture of the finished portrait in a subsequent post.

I guess this is a way of grieving. This is my way of saying ‘goodbye.’

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  1. Tricia hudick Reply

    Hello cousin, you are making a beautiful tribute to your father. I understand the emotions you are going thru, it has been just a little over a year since my father has been gone. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. But most of all I cherish the wonderful times we had over the past few years that he lived with me. You have a lifetime of wonderful memories to cherish. And remember it is ok to cry sometimes

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